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Date:2007-03-19 02:47
Subject:What you get when you roll 3 100%'s in a row on the random encounter chart of my world.

I was sitting infront of the computer when I was thinking... "Hmmm, some gay ass moron said that in a world without dragons there isn't anything scary to fight when you're epic level..." I thought hard about this then laughed. "Sure there is! Watch..."

RANDOM ENCOUNTER - After rolling 100% 3xCollapse )

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Date:2007-03-16 20:11
Subject:Teaser: [This is a teaser to "Maelthra-Pa'das"]
Mood: giddy

TEASER TO: Maelthra-Pa'dasCollapse )

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Date:2007-01-26 08:39
Subject:Question About Damage
Mood: aggravated

Alright I have got a doozy! For those of you that have seen Chronicles of Riddick I am sure you were amazed that he managed to chop an armed (and armored) necromonger's head off using his "saber claws". A nice clean cut too.

So here's the question:

Click here for pic

These beauties are (blades) 12" in length, backed with tight leather, and curved (Much like a sickle with a little less roundness.).

Watching the movie I could tell they pierce leather armor very easily and (With Riddick's added strength ofcourse.) can even pierce a breastplate (Though I am sure it was mostly his own str. added on to the factor.).

I have a player wanting to play a ranger/rogue build that uses these weapons and we are debating if they are a D4 with a +3 crit (Like a khatar.) or a D6 with a +2 crit.

Advice would help. Oh, and if you want more info on the blades google: Riddick Saber Claws

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Date:2007-01-25 08:41
Subject:An Introduction
Mood: geeky

My name is Rae. I am female. Have been playing D&D since I was 9 and D'mg since I was 12/13. I am currently 23 and unfortunately don't get a chance to play/dm at ALL due to my location. Regardless I run a small d20 v3.5 game via MSN set in my own campaign setting shortly named "Destiny". I think it's great to see a neat little Dungeon Master's community here.

A bit of a shameless plug? Here goes: Ahem... My Lj primarily has stories I have uploaded set in my campaing setting starring various players (Npcs are there too but none of the stories are about Npcs.), so far I have three stories up (Set in different times) and hope to continue updating them until they are completed. Also if you guys want you can critique the stories and even ask the characters (Technically the players who will answer IC.) questions. So about time to wrap up meh shameless plug... Go see! ^^

Ahem *steps off soap-box* on to pressing matters. Recently I have been bombarded with a problem... Players who hog so much of the game that they drive away new players and worse yet feel they need to be treated special because they have been playing the game so long. *sighs* Short of killing them I am really stumped here on what to do. My other players are starting to really be vocal about their opinions and now it's become a "Game starts at 7:00pm guys.... Huh, after all that arguing about three hours have passed. No game tonight, later!" Pretty much how I've been. The player is a close friend of mine and I swear when we're chillin' out or playing table-top he isn't like that but once he gets online its like a different person inhabits his body and he's "Ultra-annoying-game-hogging-alienating-man!". So can you guys help me out here?

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Date:2005-11-28 10:48
Subject:The Great Thing About Brothers............

Just wanted to point out that the campaign The Fungi From Yuggoth (aka:Brotherhood of the Beast) is a great vehicle for introducing ongoing nemises, or you can use the Brotherhood as a front for any number of other non-Cthulhoid cults.

(What, I'm the only person who posts here?)

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Date:2005-11-07 07:58
Mood: amused

As you may or may not know (if you've read my latest entry at the cthuluwho community), I decided to go with the death scenario that had aunt Meg's head buried in the ground. I was going to save this, until I re-read the note which Jay Hatfield received before going home. The note, from The Nemesis, said that Aunt Meg was a real "down-to-earth" woman; thus, I decided on the scenario which had Aunt Meg being down in the earth. It just made more sense. Chris (who plays Jay) said it was one of the most horrifying death scenarios he'd ever encountered, so I'm glad I used it.

We're going to start a game in New York next week: The Half Moon adventure from the Secrets of New York book.

By the way, anyone who'd like to can feel free to use any of my death scenarios. I think it would be fun if we all posted horrifying death scenarios - made up by ourselves, of course!

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Date:2005-11-01 18:20
Subject:D&D Day!

Just to let you know - Saturday is national (or international?) D&D Day. The people who own the Secret Hideout told Jess about it; seems it's only been going on for 2 years or so.

Simply an FYI.

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Date:2005-10-31 08:49
Subject:Death Scene Opinions
Mood: curious

Hi! I'm cthulhumom, and I am the Keeper of Arcane Lore for a Call of Cthulhu group in Keene, NH. I previously ran two other CoC groups in PA; 1 was a group of my adult friends, and the other was a group of my daughter's friends. I keep accounts of the current group's adventures on my community, "cthulhuwho."

I am a 45 year-old married female with 2 daughters (neither of which live with me any more - they're grown) and a cat. I've been roleplaying since 1979, and running CoC since the late '80's.

I would like to get your opinion on which death scene you think is more horrifying. I will be using this at the end of my current Call of Cthulhu game.

The investigator rushes home to find his aunt lying face down in the garden.

Option A: On further inspection, you find that Aunt Meg's head - while still
attached to her body - has been buried. You frantically dig around and finally
manage to get Meg's head out of the ground, only to find that her nose and open
mouth are packed with dirt. When you brush the dirt from her face, Aunt Meg's
glassy, bulging eyes reflect nothing but shock and horror.

Option B: On further inspection, you find that Aunt Meg's head and right arm are
missing. You look frantically around the garden. Finally, you see the head,
peering at you from in between the peonies and the daisies. Meg's eyes are
bulging, and her mouth is wide open in one last, silent scream. Her arm has been
buried next to the head, in an upright position, as if Meg is giving you one
final little wave.

Any opinions I can get before next Sunday would be highly welcomed!

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Date:2005-02-18 00:26
Subject:GM Unite!

Deadlands: Day 1

The group meets on a train to a small town in Arizona. A pinkerton on his first day on the job, a war widow with a death wish, and a traveling knife thrower addicted to opium.

Great Characters right?


The travels to town by foot after the train gets derailed, and they arrive to find a town in turmoil because of racism. The blacks (who built the town) are completely segregated by the confederate guards. After traveling about they find out that there is a direct portal to the hunting grounds in the graveyard. Any bodies there re-animate. But what they dont seem to realise, is that there is someone controlling how they come up.

They get stuck in the hunting grounds, and afterwards find the focus of it and destroy it (a piece of jade kept under the toungue).

Afterward, they get a mission from the pinkerton agent there and begin headed to Junkyard to try and find something that'll close up the hole.

Game 2:

The group heads north, and set camp at the grand canyon.

Run in with the Crushed Man, not pretty.

Skipping the stuff im not going to tell PC's ^^...

They arrive in New Jerusalem, and find all of the members to have the mental capacity of a 6 year old, and that all of them have a layer of puss underneath there skin.

The game ends just as night is about to fall, and the group has found every piece of meat to be missing.

New person next game maybe, here's hoping for fun times!

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